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"Rios de Luz" 

Are you searching for harp music to enhance a special event?
I play all kinds of music for folk harp and sing to my own harp accompaniment.
I will create the right mood for private festivities, church ceremonies or other public occasions, either as a concert soloist, or by playing accompanying music while you dine with your guests.
If you are interested, please contact me for details!

Harp lessons
I give lessons on various types of harps:
Lever-harp, single-pedal-harp, cross-strung harp (6/6)
Lesson dates and times on request.

Build your own harp
Roughly twice a year, I hold a harp-making course in my own workshop where you can make your own 22-string lap harp. This instrument is ideal for travel, for song accompaniment and for children with small hands.
Dates and prices on request

Dyslexia training on the harp - for non-harpists:
Exercises for coordination of the right and left brain.


wooden flutes chalilio 18€

Legno Sonoro 13€

Wolkenstayn Zeit Gefühle 18€

Carola Bodanowitz

Kurse, Workshops, Konzerte

Carola Bodanowitz


Auf den Schwingen der Klänge zur ursprünglichen Einheit von Leib und Seele gelangen
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