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Resonance massage

Resonance massage therapy and sound meditation
Individual sessions:

As you relax, I will accompany you on various instruments such as harp, singing bowls, gongs, sound couch, sound wave, drums and rattles according to your individual needs and mediate between you, the sound therapy "guest", and the sounds themselves. The resonance has a therapeutic effect on your physical and spiritual health and will enable you to relax deeply, thus releasing energetic blockades. Your self-healing powers are reactivated.
I also offer regular open-group sessions in sound meditation.
(Dates and times: See "Latest news")
Meditation is also available for the special needs of existing groups.

Resonance massage therapy is not a substitute for conventional medicine, but it can supplement other treatment and is a preventative measure which will promote your general well-being.

Individual session, 90 Minutes: € 45
Group session in sound meditation once a month,
60 minutes: € 10 per person
Sound meditation, 60 minutes for an existing group: € 60

Carola Bodanowitz



Auf den Schwingen der Klänge zur ursprünglichen Einheit von Leib und Seele gelangen
                                                                              Und so den Weg zu den eigenen Gesundungskräften finden